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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Solveris wins Graphic Design USA Award for Health + Wellness

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Client Wee Ones Club in Murray Hill, New York on ABC News

If you haven't seen it, please look take a look at our client, Wee Ones Club on ABC News. Wee Ones Club is a fantastic, caring, Mommy and me Club.

They have many classes and great partners such as Let's Gogh Art New York that offers creative, art and dance instruction that comes to you! They even do birthday parties and adult events.

You  can see the segment here or by clicking the image below. Contact Wee Ones Club and Let's Gogh Art to enrich your children.

Contact Solveris if we can help you with marketing and advertising.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Client OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children on CBS News

Solveris is thrilled that our client, OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children is getting strong media attention. We started with OZzzz's in their infancy and we've enjoyed working with them as a true partner helping them prosper. We've collaborated with OZzzz's on many marketing, digital, packaging and social media projects. These have included:

  • New e-commerce website
  • Email marketing
  • Social media including a blog, Facebook page with e-commerce, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and more
  • New packaging
  • Press releases and communication
  • Partnerships
  • Amazon, eBay and other internet distribution
  • Retail distribution (coming soon)
  • Different forms of advertising and communications
The benefits of these efforts have resulted in truly huge sales increases. While we enjoy working with our larger clients, it's very gratifying for us to see our smaller clients grow with us and be successful. And this product has truly helped so many struggling children and their families. Below is just one of the thousands of testimonials the product receives:

"This product is Amazing, it has pretty much changed our lives. My child is getting the sleep she requires and her behavior has totally improved. I recommend this to any parent whose child has trouble falling asleep at night. We give her only 1/2 a pill at night when she's wound up and needs to sleep. Our whole family is now getting much more rest. I take it myself some nights. Thank You so much for this product."
You can see the CBS segment below. And please contact us if we can help you market your product:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Time To Think Differently About Social Media And ROI

We apologize for not following our own advice and updating this blog more often. Like many business owners, we get so busy running our business that we sometimes neglect our blog a bit. We'll try to post updates more frequently here in the future.

We've written before about social media and ROI and why there are many benefits to social media in terms of awareness, SEO, SEM, etc. that are important to businesses and not necessarily immediately translatable to dollars. If you haven't read the post or seen the video, it's worth watching.

One way that social media can be very effective and is being used more and more is for customer service and research. For example, with one of our clients, OZzzz's Sleep Aid for Children, we built a store on Facebook where customers can not only purchase the product, but can share their experiences using the product and also interact with other parents helping each other with tips for children's sleep issues. Many parents provide unsolicited testimonials, ask us questions, and alert us to technology glitches that may occur. They also suggest product enhancements and let us know what they'd like us to provide in the future. This interaction enhances the brand experience and gives us invaluable feedback. You can see their page here.

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can be excellent ways to stay in touch with your customers. Often brands we manage have customers contact us on social media and ask us for new features or mention to us what they like about the brands. The fact that we monitor these conversations and respond to their needs immediately enhances our relationship with customers and shows that we care about their business. Social Media Examiner recently explored some of the ways that "Social Media Has Changed Customer Service". The video that is part of the article is below.

Lately, Pinterest  has been receiving a lot of attention as a new, popular social network that allows you to "pin" pictures and share them (with links to the site that has been "pinned"). Not only does this virally help your brand get more awareness, it's another example of how you can garner more site traffic using social media for no cost. There are also ways you can use sites such as Pinterest to do research on your company or brand. For example, by typing in http://pinterest.com/source/yoursite.com/, you can see who has "pinned" pictures from your website. Here's Town's Residential and who has pinned photos from their site, as an example: http://pinterest.com/source/townrealestate.com/. For more on how to use Pinterest for research, you can see this article from Social Media Explorer

Social Media is changing the way companies communicate with customers and how we can tailor our brands to be more relevant to our customers. We can learn a lot about consumer preferences and increase awareness as well as customer satisfaction if we can just learn to break out of the mindset that everything we do must result in an immediate sale. It's time to change our thinking about the benefits of social media and think more broadly about all the ways it can help our business.

Solveris has a great deal of experience helping companies set up and use social media to help their businesses. Contact us if you'd like to explore some customized ways we can help you use it to help your brand.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why We Made the New Solveris in 30 Seconds Video (and why you should use video)

We just produced and uploaded a new, Solveris video that answers some of the reasons we hear for clients not using a marketing agency. Often, we hear companies say that they want to advertise or have better looking sales materials, websites and social media, but often business owners tell us that it will take too much time or that they can't afford to pay for marketing.

At Solveris, we work very hard to make the process as easy as possible by guiding business owners through the complexities of marketing and advertising. We consider your goals and listen to your needs without a lot of marketing jargon.

For instance, often business owners don't understand why their sites are not getting traffic. Even worse, they don't even know what their traffic is. Many business don't know how to get started with social media such as Facebook or don't know how to customize their welcome pages or install a Facebook store. We can effortlessly accomplish this without the business owner having to spend a lot of time.

While marketing does cost money, one needs to consider the costs of lost business by using materials that are not effective. If your sales materials, emails and other communications are not helping you gain awareness and sales, this is costing you money in lost business. With our experience working with many different consumer and B2B industries, as well as our award-winning, design skills; we can efficiently take your business to the next level and strongly brand your company getting you better ROI.

The other reason we made a short video is that we practice what we preach. Online video is one of the best ways to get awareness. Using social media, video can be tweeted, distributed on Facebook and YouTube, LinkedIn and other networks. Not only does this provide more content, but it helps maximize awareness for your company. Many still seem unaware that video also helps companies be much more visible in search results. It is for these reasons that we often recommend that our clients consider video and video slideshows.

Let us know if we can be of assistance with any marketing need you may have. If you're not happy with your current marketing agency, don't have a marketing/advertising department or your departments need some help, let us show you what Solveris can do for you. We'd love to get your comments on our video.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Solveris Retained As Agency by The Landhauser Group Providing New Tools For NY Real Estate Market

Solveris is proud to announce our newest real estate client, The Landhauser Group. Details are below:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Can Solveris Do For You? The Answer Is Here...

Even after seeing our site, often customers and businesses interested in our services want a very top-line view of what we do at Solveris. While we detail things like our capabilities on our site, and we have a presentation for those that want more of the  "whole story", we also thought we needed something short that would give a quick look at some ways we help our clients.

Another reason we wanted to do a video is that we often extol the SEO virtues of video to our clients, and we realized that we didn't find the time to do one for Solveris. While it won't win a CLIO (or any other award for that matter), we hope it does give you a better idea of some of the things we do at Solveris in a more entertaining way than bullet points. 

Speaking of SEO, we just came across a short article and video, "How It Works: What Happens When You Search Google?" on ZDNet. It has Matt Cutts from Google describing some ways search works in an easy to understand format that may be helpful in improving your site's ranking. 

Our short video is below. It's only about 3 minutes in length and we'd love to get your thoughts, as always. For those getting the email version of this post who would like to view it, you can do so by clicking here to go to our YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!